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Tomorrow’s Food

Tomorrow’s Food is an interesting television programme on BBC 1. It is giving us an insight into how we are going to feed a growing world population and it is not from farming as we currently know it.

If you have not seen the first 2 programmes in this three part series I would recommend visiting on catch up. It is definitely food for thought. I am pretty sure I know what my mother’s generation will think of it. As for my generation, I prefer my eggs to come from real chickens rather than from plant extract and my protein from meat rather than insects, but I may be showing my age. As for my daughter’s generation, I think they will be a lot more open to the ideas that the programme demonstrates and leads us to believe are just over the horizon.

You may think these technological changes will be a long way from commercial production but I am not so sure. I can see the hospitality sector being early adopters as they will see the benefits from the ease and convenience, and price will undoubtedly be an influence here as well. Once we start to accept this is the future, the pace of change will increase and it will not just be eggs and protein that are delivered in a new way, the barn door will be well and truly ajar!

What does this mean for your farming business? Well, as ever nothing stays the same and you have to continually watch out for these technological advances. They will take time to filter through, so you will have time to look at your business and the products you produce and sell to see how or what changes you may need to make to ensure you have a sustainable business going forward. There is still going to be a demand for high quality provenance – if you are in this market make sure yours fits the bill and is worth the extra cost.

If you have missed any of the programmes so far it is worth catching up on, the last in the series is tonight at 9 o’clock. It will make you stop and think.

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