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First steps into a new future

Talking with farmers in Hertfordshire and the surrounding counties and at Cereals last week, their overriding opinion was to vote out. The votes have been counted and wishes are unfolding. It was predicted that the result would be close, however maybe by a more significant majority than expected, the UK has made its decision and although this may not please all UK farmers and rural businesses we now must look forward and prepare ourselves to deal with what lies ahead.

As we said in our blog on 20 June, change is on the horizon. With an out vote, David Cameron announcing he will step down by the autumn and the possibility of another Scottish referendum, it now most definitely is. It will obviously be a while coming, and this is an opportunity for businesses to use the time to adjust. This may not be an easy period as there will be continued uncertainty as to what the future will look like. Reviewing your own business, how it operates and its strategic plans for the future so you and it can remain strong but at the same time flexible will put you in a position to deal with the potential risks and opportunities that will come our way. What we can hope for is that the politicians set out as best they can the plans and a time frame so that we get some answers to some of the key questions that have made this decision so difficult.

The next month will make for interesting reading, unfortunately for the arable farmers if the poor weather continues you may have more time than anticipated waiting for harvest to try and figure out what it will all mean for your business.

Although most of the big answers maybe some way off I would encourage you to pick up the phone and speak to one of our rural business specialists if you think there is something which effects your business.

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