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Farming Accountants Case Studies

Secrets from whiskey and chocolate saves £6,200 tax

A six hundred hectare arable farm run by two partners didn’t expect any changes in their tax position, but were delighted to discover that a court case involving Mars UK Ltd (Mars) and William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd (Grant’s) meant they could save £6,200.[…]

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Farming partnership slashes 30% off tax bill

A large and successful farming partnership client has worked hard to increase profitability over the past two to three years.[…]

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Land sale structured to achieve massive £313,000 tax savings

A complex trust arrangement meant that a successful large farming company needed to divide up its assets and realise some cash. The most saleable asset of the company was the farm land which needed to be sold to raise the cash required.[…]

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Farm partners save £500 tax with farmers averaging

They say that every little helps, and in a small farming business this is often truer than in bigger operations.[…]

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High wheat, high profits…but not high tax

A family farming partnership spanning two parents and their son found that increasing wheat prices were driving profits up, pushing them into the 40% tax bracket. The family wanted to take action to avoid paying 40% tax.[…]

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